As my country of birth, India holds a constant fascination for me. There is a timeless mystery and rich cultural heritage which permeates all aspects of everyday life.

Desert Artefacts


The Cool of the Day II

Jaipur Memories

Gerry Dudgeon Rajasthan Journey

Rajasthan Journey

Ajmer Pinks

Desert Artefacts

Hazy Desert Dawn

Khuldara Skyline

Monsoon Clouds II

Rajasthan Heat Haze

Gerry Dudgeon Desert Expanse, Jaisalmer

Desert Expanse, Jaisalmer

Rajasthan Reds III

Udaipur Sunrise

Kishangarh Lake, Rajasthan

Rajasthan Dawn

Gerry Dudgeon Rajasthan Reds IV

Rajasthan Reds IV

Gerry Dudgeon Fatehpur Fan Palms

Fatehpur Fan Palms

Gerry Dudgeon The Striped Bolster

The Striped Bolster

Gerry Dudgeon The Pink City

The Pink City

Gerry Dudgeon Lake Pichola, Udaipur

Lake Pichola, Udaipur

Gerry Dudgeon Jaipur Sunset

Jaipur Sunset

Gerry Dudgeon Jaipur City Walls

Jaipur City Walls

Gerry Dudgeon Thar Desert Shrine

Thar Desert Shrine

Gerry Dudgeon Rajasthan Dusk

Rajasthan Dusk

Gerry Dudgeon Axis of Light

Axis of Light

Gerry Dudgeon Jaipur Dusk

Jaipur Dusk

Gerry Dudgeon Jaipur Heat

Jaipur Heat

Gerry Dudgeon Rajasthan Village

Rajasthan Village

Gerry Dudgeon Ajmer Reds

Ajmer Reds

The Indian Series

It was not until 1993 that I was able to revisit India, returning several times since then to gather more research for my paintings, which are a response to the light and heat of North West India, in particular the state of Rajasthan. The richness of colour in the folk art, its unbroken link with the past, and the uncompromising heat and aridity of the Thar desert provide me with powerful and enduring memories. I like to use oblique references to architectural forms and artefacts which symbolize elemental forces, and to suggest the passage of time and the complexity of Indian culture through layering and scraping down the paint surface. These transparent layers of paint allow glimpses of previous forms, and through their ambiguity, invite the viewer to bring a personal interpretation into play.

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