Greek Seascapes

These abstract paintings are inspired by the colours and textures beneath the Aegean sea, observed while snorkelling off the islands of Tilos, Amorgos and Alonnisos.

Aegean Light

Azure Light

Deep Dive

Indigo Divide

Into the Deep

Sapphire Depths

Sea Anemones

Gathering Shoal

Plumbing the Depths

Sea Sponges

Turquoise Seabed


Dappled Light

The Deep


Indigo Depths

Gerry Dudgeon Deep Shoal

Deep Shoal

The Greek Seascapes

This series is inspired by snorkelling off the coast of the Greek islands of Tilos and Alonnisos. Shafts of light create diagonal axes which give structure to the composition, creating a sense of tension with the loose and experimental mark-making. Translucent glazes of colour suggest that the viewer is below the water’s surface, inhabiting an undersea world of mystery and intrigue.

Above all, these works celebrate the beautiful diversity of blues which characterise the Aegean sea, its remarkable clarity enabling one to observe minutely the rock and plant forms on the seabed, and the fleeting shapes of passing fish. The fluidity of the paint has been allowed free rein, and literal description of this marine context has been avoided in favour of a lyrical evocation, which invites the viewer to interpret the content in a personal and imaginative way.

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