These paintings evoke the beauty of light reflected on French rivers such as the Lot, Dordogne, Aveyron and Tarn as well as the geometry of the vineyards in the South West, whose regularity contrasts with the uncultivated surrounding landscape where wild herbs and scrub oak abound. The use of strong colour is a response to the intensity of the heat and light in the south.

Aveyron Glow

Aveyron Light

Aveyron Reflections

Aveyron Reflections

Boats on the Aveyron

Bridge over the Aveyron

Cordes sur Ciel

Cypresses in the Garrigue

Dordogne Autumn Reflections

Fish in the river Cessiere

Languedoc Poppies

Languedoc Vineyard

The Aveyron at Laguepie

The Blue Vineyard

Trees by the River Dordogne

Vineyards in springtime

The French Series

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