Greek Landscapes

This new series concentrates on the landscape of Alonnisos in the Sporades group of islands and the way that the abundant pine woods interact visually with the Aegean sea. This island is a marine conservation area, where the rare monk seal is a protected species, so it remains relatively untouched by the more invasive aspects of tourism.

I have been visiting the Greek islands for the last 45 years, and I enjoy conversing with the locals in their own language, which helps to gain a deeper insight into their history, traditions and culture.

Alonnisos Blues

Alonnisos Pines

Aegean Light

Sporades Pine Woods

Pines by the Aegean

Sailing around the Aegean

Aegean Turquoise

Sparkling Aegean

Pink Track

Aghios Petros Pines

Gerry Dudgeon Aegean Odyssey

Aegean Odyssey

Gerry Dudgeon Red Swathe II

Red Swathe II

The Greek Landscapes

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