Living in West Dorset, I feel inspired by the drama of its steep hills and valleys and the link with an ancient Jurassic past. The permanence of its fossils contrasts with the impermanence of the cliffs, which are constantly eroding. In winter, the structure of the landscape is more evident, especially after snowfall when the copses and hedgerows contrast strongly against the white fields.

Ancient Sealife

Autumn Reds

Blackthorn Winter

Coast Path

Copse Curves

Corscombe Copses

Dawn Blush

Eggardon Sky




Lyme Light

Patchwork Fields

Powerstock Fields

Summer Copses

Towards Eggardon

Marsh Barn

Towards the Light

Gerry Dudgeon A Way through the Trees

A Way through the Trees

Gerry Dudgeon Wasteland


Gerry Dudgeon Flood Tide

Flood Tide

Gerry Dudgeon Jetty


Gerry Dudgeon Ebb Tide

Ebb Tide

Gerry Dudgeon Seamarks


Gerry Dudgeon In the Hollow

In the Hollow

Gerry Dudgeon Clearing


Gerry Dudgeon Spring Light

Spring Light

Gerry Dudgeon Golden Light

Golden Light

Gerry Dudgeon A Glimpse of Lyme Bay

A Glimpse of Lyme Bay

Gerry Dudgeon Eggardon Sunlight

Eggardon Sunlight

Gerry Dudgeon Squally Day

Squally Day

Gerry Dudgeon Terraced Fields

Terraced Fields

Gerry Dudgeon Pathway to the Sea

Pathway to the Sea

Gerry Dudgeon Gamboge Sky

Gamboge Sky

Gerry Dudgeon Fissures of Light

Fissures of Light

Gerry Dudgeon Pathways to the Light

Pathways to the Light

Gerry Dudgeon Sea Light

Sea Light

Gerry Dudgeon Promontory


Gerry Dudgeon Blue Candescence

Blue Candescence

Gerry Dudgeon Blue Cadence

Blue Cadence

Gerry Dudgeon Autumn Clouds

Autumn Clouds

Gerry Dudgeon Beachcombing


Gerry Dudgeon Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Gerry Dudgeon November Dawn

November Dawn

Gerry Dudgeon Beach Finds

Beach Finds

Gerry Dudgeon Water Meadows

Water Meadows

The Dorset Series

These semi-abstract paintings combine distant views of hills, sea and sky with a closer scrutiny of the etched and weathered surfaces of rocks. I use sgraffito and other graphic marks to describe their fossil traces and delicate linear patterns, while contrasting this filigree lightness with more broadly brushed passages. I enjoy responding to the richness of colour in the limestone rocks (yellows, through oranges and iron reds to grey-blues) finding similarities between their shapes and more recent, man-made forms such as Iron Age burial mounds, strip-lynchets, footpaths and field systems. This series continues my interest in layers of time and the potential for investigating universal links between ancient and modern forms.

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